• We do not charge for tolls when used but it is up to the driver on the day to select the best route allowing for the number of passengers on the bus, traffic, weather, and any other variable that he encounters. Some days toll roads are not the quickest or most cost effectiveway to or from the airport.

  • You can insist on the driver using the tolls in which case $20 will be added to the cost of your trip (each way).

When is a deposit for my booking required?

All private bus hire, party bus, organised tours require deposit upon making the booking. Premium HS holds all right to cancel any bookings that have not made a deposit at any time.

What wil we do when the passengers can’t be reached

Surcharge may be applied when the passenger can’t be reached after landing.

Maximium waiting time period:

Domestic             60 mins

International      90 mins